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The Hanyou and The Slayer
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Welcome to: The Hanyou and the Slayer
An Inuyasha and Sango Community

This community is a place to showcase anything that has to do with the relationship between Inuyasha & Sango (friendship or romantic), serving as a common ground for all the fans of Inuyasha and Sango as a couple or comrades to come together and with people from around the world. Fanfic’s, Pictures, Icons, etc are welcome.

Characters are owned by Takahashi, Rumiko and her publishers! The authors of these fanworks do not get any money from any writings, drawings, etc nor do they attest to owning any of the characters from the show/manga.

Founder and moderator: lynx212
Moderator: chrome_dragon
Moderator: vexed_wench

Community Rules

1. Must be at least 15 to join and have your year of birth up on your profile.(Don't think we won't check!)
2. Please post all fanfiction and fanart under an lj cut.
3. Post NC-17/Adult stuff tagged for having Adult concepts or explicit material with all the appropriate warnings so our younger members will be wary of them. This option is at the bottom right before you post ^_^
5. Plagiarism is a big no-no [Zero tolerance]
6. Be polite at all times.
7. Keep all posts on-topic.
8. Avoid spam.
9. No flaming. Zero tolerance on this one as well
10. Please use LJ cut when you post.

Feel free to be social and say a little about yourself or your fic, pic, icon, etc in your posting.
11. Spoilers should also be placed behind a cut.
12. Sexually explicit content must be locked, lj-cut, and warned for.
13. Have fun!

Note: Feel free to put up introductory posts without or without content.

A preferable header contains the following: